We are passionate about educating our patients about various lifestyle habits that will help them regain and maintain health. The standard American diet often consists of excess processed foods that when eaten in excess can deplete us of various vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants found abundantly in whole-foods. Everyday life experiences also impact our body's nutrient stores, and we can become depleted under the influences of chronic stress, improper diet, interrupted sleep patterns, pregnancy and childbirth, natural aging, exercise performance, and various environmental exposures. Therefore, supplementation with organic, whole-food vitamins, herbs and minerals are often necessary to heal illness, to achieve optimal health and bring each person to their full potential.

Understanding the nutrition of history’s healthiest cultures and emerging research on modern health concerns, we can arrange personalized nutritional protocols that use high quality organic whole-food supplements and practical dietary guidance. We believe that acupuncture and other modalities of healing are the most successful when combined with nutrition and supplementation.


we Offer 21 Day & 10 Day Nutritional Programs