• Does acupuncture hurt?

Typically acupuncture does not hurt. The needles are hair-thin and flexible. If you do not like the regular size needle that I normally use, I have smaller ones that can be used instead. When I gently stimulate the needles they may produce a unique sensation that Oriental medicine calls de qi. Patients often describe de qi as a heavy, achy pressure, or spreading, traveling feeling. You may also feel an "electrical" sensation moving down the meridian pathways, though this is less common. Most patients find these acupuncture sensations deeply satisfying and leave the treatment feeling relaxed both mentally and physically.

  • How do I prepare for my acupuncture treatment?

When you arrive your first acupuncture appointment I will ask you to complete a comprehensive intake form. The acupuncture intake form asks questions about your current state of health, symptoms, past illnesses, and family history.

After reviewing your intake form, we will discuss your condition, and I will examine your pulse and tongue, which are two of the basic diagnostic methods of Oriental Medicine. The number and location of acupuncture points I choose will depend on your condition and your unique health needs. Once the needles are inserted, I will leave you to lie comfortably for 20-30 minutes with the needles in place. Many people find acupuncture treatment deeply relaxing, and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep during this time.

  • How long does a session take?

Initial visit 90 minutes

Follow up visit 60 minutes

  • What kind of training do Oriental Medical Doctors (OMD) undergo to practice?

Successful completion of an accredited 4-year program of study at a college of Oriental Medicine covering at least 3,000 hours of instruction in the following topics: Acupuncture, Herbology, Oriental Diagnosis, Physiology & Pathology, Western Diagnosis, Physiology & Pathology, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Pharmacology, Laboratory & Radiology, Moxabusion, Tui Na, and Clinical Practice.

Evidence of passing board examinations by the State of Nevada and the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM).

I am also a Licensed Acupuncturist (L.Ac.) in California, which was awarded upon successful completion of the State of California board exam.

  • How many treatments will I need?

The benefits of acupuncture are cumulative, so more then one treatment is necessary. For acute conditions you can expect to have 6 to 12 treatments, but you will usually begin to feel relief after just the first few. Chronic conditions may take longer to respond, depending on the type, severity, and duration of the condition.

  • What kinds of conditions can be treated with Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine?

Acupuncture and Integrative Medicine can be used for almost any condition, including: acute or chronic pain of any kind, mental and emotional well-being (stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression), women's and men's health, fertility, digestive issues, allergies, fatigue, headaches, ex.

  • What are your hours?

 Wed-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 9:30am-2pm by appointment

  • What payment methods are accepted?

We accept cash, personal checks, Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover. We are also in-network with various insurance companies.